The Strategy

Our Path

We are all a part of this world, so we know to choose cleaner solutions for our future together. At the Loom, we believe that fashion is a universal concept and can play a pivotal role in being a force for good, and we are fully committed to transforming the fashion industry. Together with our brands, industry experts, and other valued partners, we push the boundaries of innovation to bring about a transformation of processes to chart a sustainable path for the future of our industry. We always promote sustainable raw materials and fibers by raising awareness of the textile industry's impacts and by encouraging the use of more sustainable materials. While partnering with our prestigious clients worldwide, the Loom has set ambitious, yet achievable, standards for ourselves. We aim to hold ourselves accountable for our footprint and to influence others to share in our efforts. Embracing innovative, organic, and recycled materials is key to revolutionizing our industry, reducing emissions, and promoting the use of cleaner resources.

Our Commitment

We will evolve until our facility operates as responsibly and efficiently as possible. This all begins with sourcing. Our goal is to source 100% of our cotton from sustainable sources, and we are close - 99% of our current supply already is. We have increased the use of recycled polyester to 75% in our apparel and accessories which is up from 43% across all products. Lastly, 60% of our production is completed with a minimal effect on the world around us!